Serenity Now Yoga

Nicole Balogh

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The London Yoga Festival

Sunday Sept 23rd

Shamanic Journeying and Teachings

Intro to Shamanic Journeying -  Sun Dec 2nd   9:30am-4:30pm (prerequisite to all other teachings)

Spirits of Nature - Middle World Journeying -  Fri July 27th 6-9pm

Soul Retrieval - 

Healing the Ancestral Line - Aug

Clearing Attachments to Places or People - 

Please note that all of these workshops are intended to be introductions to these teachings in order to do your own work.  It is not meant for advanced work on how to do this for others.

Alchemical Healing Courses 2018

Level 1 - Fri Nov 9th, Sat Nov 10th & Sun Nov 11th 

Level 2 - Fri Feb 1st, Sat Feb 2nd & Sun Feb 3rd 2019

Level 3 - Fri Oct 12th, Sat Oct 13th & Sun Oct 14th 2018

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Energy Sense

Available upon request for group of Adults, Teens or Parent and Child

Are you and/or your child sensitive or re-active in large groups of people (Mall, Walmart, grocery stores, crowds)  When you are in crowded place or places frequented by many people do you have oppressive feelings or a sense of heaviness or pressure in your head? Do you or your child sometimes feel like a sponge...soaking up other peoples energy around you?  Learn tools to manage your gifts in this workshop.

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