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Nicole Balogh

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Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt Online course

Tuesday's and Thursday's 10:00am-12:00

This fresh interpretation of the ancient Egyptian mysteries unites the heart and mind to help us remember our true nature as divine humans with sacred purpose. It guides readers through shamanic portals of death, rebirth, and illumination and gives us powerful tools for transformation. There are rituals, meditations, and rites of passage to help us meet our personal and planetary challenges with more grace, wisdom, and love.

I will guide you through these rites and record the classes in case you have to miss one or the timing does not work for you.

There are 2 rounds to this alchemy split into five 90 min classes each. 

Round 1 -  Jan 19, 21, 26, 28, Feb 2nd

Round 2 - Feb 9, 11, 16, 18, 23

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Crystal Bowls are now cancelled until we are able to gather again.  

The sound is a felt experience that doesn't transfer well online.

Free Planetary Call to Action with The Flock

Next date to be announced

This is a journey authored by Mark Hallert and shared previously by Nicki Scully.  It was so powerful and profound I have been guided to continue to grow and strengthen the members The Flock.  Mark and Nicki have given my their blessing to do so and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you.

It is with the help of the magical beings of The Flock that we have thus far transmuted toxic energy on this planet, including such volatile substances as radiation....safely.

To register for this free call please click here.  You will then be sent the connection information.

Cancer Bridge date to be announced

Our Bridge for Healing Cancer program presents phone bridge rituals founded by Nicki Scully to heal and transform cancer. Whether you have cancer or want to assist and support those who are suffering from cancer, you are welcome to join our bridge. Up to sixty participants meet by telephone for each bridge to practice an Alchemical Healing process during which we join together to create a vessel in the shape 

of a parabola. From this form, which is similar to a satellite dish, we receive potent healing energies and also transmit cancer cells outward in a safe and effective way.

We have been practicing this healing process with excellent results since March, 2005. Once you have learned the techniques involved by participating, you can work on your own and tap into the etheric structure we have created as a collective.

To join in on the call via zoom use this link

Alchemical Healing Courses 2020 and 2021 (Please note courses run once a year)


Level 1 - Fri Mar 5th, Sat Mar 6th & Sun Mar 7th 2021

Level 2 - Fri May 14th, Sat May 15th  & Sun May 17th 2021

Level 3 - Fri Oct 16th, Sat Oct 17th & Sun Oct 18th 2020

Advanced - Fri Nov 13th, Sat Nov 14th & Sun Nov 15th 2020

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