Serenity Now Yoga

Nicole Balogh

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Friday Nov 8th and Dec 13th 7-9pm 

Crystal Singing Bowls through the Chakra's.

Alchemical Healing Courses 2019 (Please note courses run once a year)

Level 3 - Fri Nov 1st, Sat Nov 2nd & Sun Nov 3rd 2019 

Level 1 - Fri Feb 21st, Sat Feb 22nd & Sun Feb 23rd 2020

Level 2 - Fri Apr 24th, Sat Apr 25th & Sun Apr 26th 2020

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Shamanic Journeying

Intro to Shamanic Journeying -  Sun Dec 8th 2019   9:30am-4:30pm 

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Energy Sense

Available upon request for group of Adults, Teens or Parent and Child

Are you and/or your child sensitive or re-active in large groups of people (Mall, Walmart, grocery stores, crowds)  When you are in crowded place or places frequented by many people do you have oppressive feelings or a sense of heaviness or pressure in your head? Do you or your child sometimes feel like a sponge...soaking up other peoples energy around you?  Learn tools to manage your gifts in this workshop.

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