Serenity Now Yoga

Nicole Balogh

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Thursday Evening Meditation - 8:00-9:00pm

I will share the meditations that are calling me now to spend time with... it will flow weekly and repeat monthly... a balance of forms of connection and healing.  You are welcome to join me live either in studio (after yoga) or via Zoom video platform.  We begin with a brief check in and then practice together.  There will be time for questions and sharing as well.  In person donations are appreciated.  If you would like to attend via zoom I ask for a $20 fee that gives access to all meditations for one month. This can be paid via my webstore or e-transfer to  See below for Zoom link...

Week One - Sitting in Stillness

You will be guided through this practice.  Sitting in the silence is so important.  It sounds easy, but if you have never tried to do it then you might find that your mind is a very busy, noisy place to be in.  With practice and relaxation, however, it can become a powerful state of peace which can be your centre of control.

Week Two - Forgiveness

Past pain,  blame, and shame imprison us, while forgiveness releases their hold, freeing us to love and receive again.  In this practice you start by finding forgiveness for yourself, because it is when we can forgive ourselves that we can forgive others.  

Week Three- Chief and Tribe

We all have many aspects of the self or personalities within us.  The ultimate goal is to stay anchored in chief and check in and receive information as needed from our many other selves that are needed for survival but not necessarily to run the show.  (Inspired by Christine Dennis, Medical Herbalist)
Week Four - Heart Breath 

The Heart Breath is a fundamental practice that has so many applications and variations and infinite value.  It is a practice that grows with us and stays with us as a tool to manage what life throws us.

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